See you at TechEd

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Boston to attend TechEd 2006. This time I will be showing off the new user interface we have been creating for IIS 7, including its tons of new features as well as the new extensibility API that we have created for developers using managed code.

I'll be giving the following chalk talks:
WEBTLC05 Introducing the New and Improved IIS Manager in IIS 7.0
6/12/2006 5:00PM-6:15PM
This talk shows off many of the new features of IIS 7's new administration UI. It includes demos of the new navigation model, as well as how the tool allows non-Windows users to configure IIS/ASP.NET settings. In addition, it shows how administrators can limit the set of features users can see/modify per site and per application. Finally, the talk demonstrates how the new tool diagnostic features provide greater request processing visibility for easier troubleshooting.

WEBTLC18 Extending the IIS Manager Tool in IIS 7.0 
6/15/2006 1:00PM-2:15PM
IIS 7.0 delivers a rewritten version of the IIS Manager tool that is fully extensible. This talk demonstratees how to make the most of this new extensibility platform for extending IIS UI.

See you there!

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