PHP Driver for SQL Server – Request for Feature Feedback

Jonathan Guerin, the Program Manager for the SQL Server Driver for PHP, just posted a request for feature feedback on the team blog. I want to make sure that his request gets in front of lots of eyes, so I’m re-posting his request here (below). Jonathan included some links in his post so you can learn more about what the team is considering for the next release of the driver, but he didn’t elaborate on “Buffered Queries”. If it’s not obvious what that feature is, it is simply functionality that allows you to bring an entire result set into memory all at once (which the SQLSRV driver doesn’t currently support – you currently have to use a scrollable cursor if you want to move back and forth within a result set).

Anyway, here’s Jonathan’s post. In addition to providing feedback via the channels he suggests, please feel free to send feedback to me via email (bswan at microsoft dot com) or comment on this post. I’ll make sure feedback gets to the team…

We are currently hard at work on the development on our next version of the PHP Driver for SQL Server and would love to hear your thoughts on some features we are evaluating.

To this end, how much impact do you find from the following features, and which are most important to you?

Your feedback is very important for us in delivering the right features for our customers. Feel free to leave a comment below, or I am available either by email (jguerin _at_, twitter, or on our forums.

Thank you,

Jonathan Guerin
Program Manager
PHP Driver for SQL Server
Microsoft Corporation



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