IIS Media Services 4.1 Localization Release

An English version of IIS Media Services 4.1 was released on 11/8/2011. An update for IIS Media Services 4.1 has just been released that includes support for the following languages:

  • Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.
Separate install packages are provided for each supported language. Each of these packages includes support for all the above languages. The only difference in these packages is the language used when you install IIS Media Services. After install, the specific language used in the user interface for IIS Media Services depends on the display language that you have set for your user account.  For example, if you install the 64 bit Spanish version, the install package will be in Spanish but if you have set your display language to English then English will be used for text in the user interface for IIS Media Services. All versions are available directly from the Microsoft Download Center for 32 bit and 64 bit installs. Or just click on one of the links below. Upgrading from prior versions of IIS Media Services 4.1 is not supported. The Web Platform Installer will be updated shortly to include this new version. Note: Installing or changing your display language can be accomplished via the Region and Language options accessed via the Control Panel. From the Keyboards and Languages tab you have the ability to either select or install a new language. Some display languages are installed by default while others will require you to install additional language files.In addition to adding support for multiple languages, we have also included the following three critical fixes for the REST services API’s that were added in the initial IIS Media Services 4.1 release:
  1. Install of IIS Media Services 4.1 was breaking usage of WebDAV for uploading or deleting content from websites. Overall any PUT or DELETE requests for WebDAV that didn’t contain .isml extension would fail.
  2. REST services API’s not enumerating publishing points that are under a virtual directory with a physical path ending with “\” character.
  3. A small memory leak could occur during enumeration of publishing points via the REST services APIs.
Note: The major/minor #’s for this release have not changed. The full version # for this release is 4.1.0938.454. 


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