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Jun 25, 2012

The SNI Readiness tool can be used by server admins to parse incoming HTTP traffic from the IIS W3C logs on the IIS server in order to determine the percentage requests that come from SNI capable clients. This should enable server...


Jan 28, 2009

Overview The Session Tracker is a native  C++ module for IIS 7.0 that can be used to obtain information about user-activity on a site using cookies. Download You can download and install the Session Tracker module along with...


Jan 08, 2009

I worked on the FastCGI for IIS 6.0 RTM release a while ago and during that time, I worked on developing a FastCGI Client application, in order to test FastCGI at a protocol level. I just decided to blog about it, just in case...


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Hi All, this is Yamini, i have been a tester on the IIS team for a couple of years. I currently work on MSDeploy in IIS