Handy Links for IIS 7 Users

Here’s a list of on-line resources for IIS 7 users: 

IIS 7.5 Product Information - Describes the features and benefits of IIS 7.5 in Windows Server 2008 R2

Hosting Guidance for the Microsoft Web Platform - An in-depth series of articles with information about planning, installing, configuring, managing, and hosting IIS Web Server deployments

IIS 7 Configuration Reference - Provides a comprehensive reference of the XML-based configuration elements used in IIS 7 configuration files

Windows PowerShell for IIS - Describes Windows PowerShell the provider and cmdlets for configuring and managing IIS 7

Internet Information Services 7 Development - A complete guide and reference for developing applications that customize, extend, and automate IIS functionality

Web Server Articles on Microsoft TechNet Library - Pointers to on-line help and how-to articles for IIS 7 and IIS extension modules

HTTP Status Codes - This MS Support article provides a list of common status codes that are recorded in the IIS Log and/or displayed in the browser when IIS responds to HTTP requests

Extending IIS 7 - This page provides information about modules that extend and customize IIS 7 along with links to the download pages

IIS 7 FAQ - Answers to questions frequently asked by IIS 7 users

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