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WebMatrix, Microsoft’s end-to-end web development platform, makes building, testing, optimizing, and publishing websites for the Windows web stack quick and easy. WebMatrix is small yet powerful. It provides a solid, reliable platform for customizing popular web applications, such as WordPress, Droopal, Umbarco, and Joomla, or for building your own custom website. WebMatrix streamlines web development while offering developers the flexibility to incorporate their own workflow into the process. WebMatrix installs quickly, is easy to master, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s professional development tools and servers such as IIS 7, Visual Studio and SQL Server. Best of all, you can download WebMatrix beta for free with the Web Platform Installer.

WebMatrix has a number of advantages that make it an ideal Web development stack for everyone from professional designers and developers to novices and hobbyist, for example; 

  • WebMatrix is small. It’s under 50 MB (under 15MB if you have .NET version 4 loaded) and it installs in a matter of minutes.
  • WebMatrix is open. You can find, download, install, configure, customize, optimize, and publish a wide variety of free open source web applications quickly and easily.
  • WebMatrix is powerful. It uses the same powerful Web server, database engine and frameworks as Web sites on the internet, so the transition from development to production environment is smooth and seamless.
  • WebMatrix is flexible. It’s well-suited for applications written in PHP, as well as for ASP.NET.
  • WebMatrix is simple. You can add uncomplicated, dynamic server code to your site using Razor syntax for ASP.NET web pages.
  • WebMatrix is accommodating. It comes with its own has its own simple database, SQL Server Compact, along with built-in management for SQL and MySQL databases.
  • WebMatrix is smart. Integrated search engine optimization reporting helps improve your site’s rankings.
  • WebMatrix is comprehensive. When your site is ready to publish you have access to a variety of Web hosting options. 

WebMatrix integrates a Web server, database and programming frameworks into a single, integrated experience designed to work together seamlessly and complement one another. WebMatrix components include:


WebMatrix overview

You can learn more about WebMatrix beta at Microsoft/Web

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