Accessing Custom Configuration at Runtime with Microsoft.Web.Administration

Posted: Jun 13, 2008  5 comments  

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I've been working on a series of posts and Webcasts in my "spare time" directed at some of the areas in which I am most frequently asked questions. I am currently working on developing topics dealing with IIS configuration. It seems logical that this would bring me a great deal of questions considering that IIS 7.0 is using a completely different configuration system than it did in previous versions. That said, I wanted to follow up to my Webcast ("Extending IIS Configuration") with an article, and another webcast dealing with accessing custom configuration data at runtime.

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Thx. Are you going to show edit  new/better config type in powershell/appcmd like in the webcast? cannot any longer access access this config on site object with new one. thx.

Jun 16 2008 by PraisingDaily

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