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May 21, 2008

Due to the popularity of Windows 2008 Server Core I have seen frequently questions about how to configure SSL on IIS7 with only command-line. Since I wandered that path few months back I thought of putting this article/guide together...


Mar 20, 2008

IIS7 Mobile Admin is a simple web application to administer IIS7 remotely using a mobile phone browser. I provided few screenshots of IIS7 Mobile Admin in my previous blog post here


Mar 06, 2008

I wanted to introduce something I’ve been working during last couple of weekends. Yes you guessed it “ IIS7 Mobile Admin ” to show some love to our web server administrators who keeps our Web 2.0 world up and running! Ingredients...


Dec 24, 2007

Hostable Web Core (known as HWC) is a new concept in IIS7 to host a website/webservice inside your own process. In short a smaller hosted version of IIS (an IIS7 express edition?). This is accomplished by making a LoadLibrary...


Nov 27, 2007

Here is another featured moved to kernel mode. Yea it's Windows Authentication which is by default configured to run in kernel mode. To see the dialog right click on "Windows Authentication" and select "Advanced Settings..." This...


Nov 26, 2007

There are so many things which has changed in IIS7 for the better and one of them is about the way SSL works. Although IIS6 allowed kernel mode SSL (starting with Windows 2003 SP1) that wasn't the default option. As far as I know...


Sep 12, 2007

Although the title says webserver certificates the script is not limited to webserver certificates only. This script is useful for admins to check expiry dates of server certificates and be prepared to renew or change them. In...


Sep 05, 2007

I had written a sample to redirect all http traffic to https (secure) in September 2006 In one of our internal discussion alias the question...


Sep 03, 2006

I was thinking to write an HttpModule for IIS7 and wanted a simple, useful and easily understandable scenario. Working with IIS customers for last 3 years one of those common scenario came into my mind, Redirecting http traffic...


Jun 02, 2006

When I was a developer (I mean employed as a developer, even now I develop applications, don’t get me wrong J ) before joining Microsoft, I used to get stuck with application issues; whether its process crashing, process not responding...


Jun 02, 2006

So what is Appcmd.exe? This is "one" command line tool to administer IIS7. In IIS6 several of admin task were done using several scattered VBS script files. This made it difficult to find out what script needs to be run for eg...


Jun 02, 2006

Before the boom of web and internet, HTTP was not so common is everyday life. When internet became more and more widely used, HTTP also grew in usage. Basic web server serves static HTML type contents and then was the era in which...


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