Application Request Router (ARR) 3.0 RTM is now available

Posted: Jul 26, 2013  3 comments  

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The final version of ARR (Application Request Router) 3.0 is now available, thanks to some intensive work by our product team. The Beta version was released in December 2012 and added support for WebSockets.  In addition, the 3.0 RTM version includes:
  • Support for application-triggered session affinity opt out
  • Retries for URL health Monitoring
  • Failcheck reliability improvements
  • Various bug fixes
ARR 3.0 is available to download from the Microsoft download center at the following URLs:
  • X86 version (1,656 KB), CRC 0xDE98BA42, SHA1 0375e33051966c7028d5e023d6d70e01aa82a714
  • X64 version (1,976 KB), CRC 0x4D6E1861, SHA1 be34d5d338b260b351c4762f6ede2de3bb844f99

ARR 3.0 is also available from the Web Platform Installer (WebPI).

ARR 3.0 is supported on IIS 7 or later (IIS 7 is included with Windows Server 2008). For WebSockets, IIS 8 or later is required (Windows Server 2012 or later).  For more information about WebSockets support and configuration, visit this page.