IIS Database Manager – Version 1.0 Released!

Posted: Sep 25, 2009  1 comments  

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Today, the IIS team is releasing version 1.0 of the IIS Database Manager.  It allows you to administer website and web application databases with the existing connection string or a custom client connection with an IIS UI extension.

Major Features:

  • Viewing and Managing Database Views
  • Adding, Editing and Deleting Tables and Table Data
  • Creating, Altering and Executing Stored Procedures
  • Full Integration into IIS 7.0/7.5 Remote Management
  • Ease of Installation with the Web Platform Installer

Additional Features Added for Version 1.0:

  • Database Backup and Restore Capabilities
  • Extensibility Point for Custom Backup and Restore Providers
  • SQL and Windows Authentication Delegation Rules for use with Microsoft Web Deploy’s Delegation Framework
  • MySQL Database Provider
  • Bug Fixes from the RC Version of Database Manager

Learn More about the capabilities and using IIS Database Manager here:

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I am hesitant for true select of all link!

but than you very much for help me.

good luck.

Sep 29 2009 by vahid2

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