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  • Improve your online presence

    For years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a buzzword throughout the Internet community. Companies have spent large amounts of money and used all sorts of tactics in an attempt to rank high on targeted search page results. SEO is certainly one factor that is helpful in driving new business to your site. But have you considered the user experience?

  • Monitor a site’s downtime…for free!

    You have a really cool website that you or someone else designed, right?  That’s great but it doesn’t do you much good if the site is down.  Nobody can get to it and learn about your product or service, or even worse, buy something from you if it’s an ecommerce site.

  • Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Services

    In previous versions of Windows, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) was known as Terminal Services.  There have been many changes made to this collection of services in Windows 2012.  If you are looking for a list of these changes, there are a large number of blog posts out there that explain in detail all the changes.

  • Restricting web site traffic in IIS 7 and IIS 8

    Sometimes you need to restrict traffic to your web site or reduce the impact from a rogue bot that is hitting it.  Often, the first thought is to restrict that traffic at the perimeter firewall.  While that is a good choice, the structure of your organization may prevent that from happening in a timely manner.  Or maybe you are frequently making changes to the restrictions making that a cumbersome chore.

  • Completely uninstall MySQL from Windows

    Some time ago I was running a few tests in my lab environment against a current version of MySQL.  A few months later I needed to access it again but I forgot my root password so I wanted to start from scratch.  Easy enough, right?  Just go to Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel and uninstall MySQL.

  • Monitor MS SMTP queue from ASP.Net

    I came across a situation today where I needed to monitor the number of files in the Microsoft SMTP queue from a web page.  While there are numerous ways I considered approaching this, I wanted it to be simple, portable, and easy to maintain.

  • How to manage a Windows cloud server

    Managing a Windows cloud server can be a relatively easy task; especially if you know the basics.  Check out the post I put together with the initial information that you need to know to get the most out of your Windows cloud server.