At last, Visual Studio patch for F5 debugging on Windows Vista has been released

Posted: Jun 20, 2007  4 comments  

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A Visual Studio patch that fixes the Visual Studio F5 debugging of IIS7 applications on Windows Vista Home Premium and above has been released! 

This patch solves the "An authentication error occurred while communicating with the web server.  Please see Help for assistance.", and "Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled.  Please see Help for assistance" errors, that until now had to be worked around using the instructions in my previous post on this matter.

Read more and get the patch information from my older post on this subject, Fix problems with Visual Studio F5 debugging of ASP.NET applications on IIS7 Vista.


I have exactly the same error in VS 2008 "Orcas" (Beta 1). Do you know whether the patch addressing this version of VS is planned or not? Thanks.

Jun 21 2007 by Alexei

Unfortunately this patch created a new problem for me. I no longer get the error message about an authentication error, but now all of my websites are showing up either blank or missing a lot of content, and any Ajax related functionality is broken. I tried creating a new test ajax enabled site and putting some basic content on there but when i view it in a browser, with or without debugging, content is missing, the style is not applying and code-behind does not appear to be working.

Jun 21 2007 by xfr3386

Thanks for the update!

Jun 23 2007 by tmorton

Now i installed the sql server exdpress the following warnig is displayed how to solve this ---------------------------------------------------------------------- IIS Feature Requirement (Warning) Messages IIS Feature Requirement Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is either not installed or is disabled. IIS is required by some SQL Server features. Without IIS, some SQL Server features will not be available for installation. To install all SQL Server features, install IIS from Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel or enable the IIS service through the Control Panel if it is already installed, and then run SQL Server Setup again. For a list of features that depend on IIS, see Features Supported by Editions of SQL Server in Books Online.

Jun 24 2007 by mirthtech

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