UI sample for web farm synchronization

Posted: May 01, 2009  5 comments  

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Web Deployment

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One of our team members has built a pretty cool sample UI that allows syncing of multiple web servers and also using file change notifications to trigger syncs. Take a look at the sample at http://blogs.iis.net/moshaikh/archive/2009/04/26/web-server-change-notification-or-web-server-compare-or-multi-server-sync-in-a-web-farm.aspx

BTW we do plan to add this functionality at some point into the Web Deployment Tool itself but it will likely be after version 1 releases.


Velocity is for session state management. MSDeploy is for syncing IIS Configuration information, content, databases, certificates etc and such changes and not for synchronizing the session states between live servers.

May 04 2009 by moshaikh

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