IIS 8 on Windows 8 Technical Preview

Posted: Sep 14, 2011  4 comments  

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Windows 8

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Today Microsoft released the technical preview bits of its latest operating system "Windows 8" ... Though windows 8 is being show cased as the next generation tablet OS ... I had to install IIS as the 1st thing I did after "windows 8" install.

Short Story: There is no real difference in the install experience from that of IIS 7...

Long Story: You will still need to install IIS 8 from "Turn Windows Features on\off", however the way you reach there is slightly different now...

  • Once you are on the Home Screen (The new Metro UI coolness that you see everywhere) click on Control Panel
  • This will take you to a new control panel page (which looks simple and cool by the way) ... Once at this page go to the last option that says "More Settings"
  • This will get you to the familiar Windows 7 control panel settings page from wherein you will go to Programs --> Turn windows features on\off --> Internet Information Services --> Select --> leave Default and say ok
  • That's it... once the result displayed is success ... go to IE and browse localhost ... 

The first noticeable difference you will find after you install IIS on Windows 8 TP is the localhost start page ... For all of you who haven't check it out yet ... here it is ...

Will be posting a lot more once I am through configuring "IIS 8" ...

Note: Check out how HTML 5, PHP and ASP.Net are included in number "8" ... Need I say more about Microsoft's commitment towards PHP and HTML 5 ?? 

Next Steps ... Going to Run PHP :-) 

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