Urlscan to RequestFiltering migration using MSDeploy

In addition to FastCGI migration provider, MSDeploy 1.0 RTW shipped with a URLScan to request filtering migration provider to ease migration of UrlScan.ini settings to system.webServer/security/requestFiltering section. Even though URLScan 3.1 is supported on Win2K8 and you are not required to move to request filtering module, there are few advantages in using request filtering module. One advantage is that all your configuration can stay together in applicationHost.config and web.config and you are not required to maintain a separate configuration file. Another advantage is that you can take advantages of new configuration system features like distributed configuration, shared configuration, locking, ability to use appcmd, UI, configuration editor etc which cannot be used if you use UrlScan and your configuration is in UrlScan.ini. Read more ...

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