Goodness of dynamic maxInstances in FastCGI

One of the major pain points in FastCGI 1.0 was that users were required to set maxInstances to a number which works best for their application. Many users didn’t tune this value and were running FastCGI with default value of maxInstances which didn’t give them optimal performance. We recommended users to set maxInstances to (10 * number of processors) if they don’t want to go through the pain of finding the ideal maxInstances for them which worked much better than default value but still didn’t give optimal performance. Even when users fine-tuned maxInstances to ideal value, they didn’t always get best possible performance at all times due to variations in traffic, server/application configuration changes and code changes. Read more ...

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  • It seems when the default value of maxInstances is 4 when creating the FastCGI application using the GUI.

  • @peaceable_whale

    Yes, UI still puts default of 4 in maxInstances field. This is a bug. Thanks for pointing this. I will take care of it.

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