Troubleshoot Live Smooth Streaming Issues

Sam Zhang is the Dev lead on the IIS Media Services team, and in that role he has the most exposure to troubleshooting and fixing issues with large scale deployments of IIS Media Services. His experience over the past few years of deploying numerous events, including NBC Sunday Night Football and the Olympics, have given him a lot of experience in figuring out what is going right and wrong on the server. 

I’m pleased to post a trackback to a collection of blogs that Sam just published that offer guidance on how to troubleshoot all kinds of issues on IIS Media Services! Enjoy.

Part 1 (Basics)

Part 2 (Publishing Point UI and States)

Part 3 (Event Logs)

Part 4 (Performance Counters)

Part 5 (Client Manifest)

Part 6 (IIS Logs and Others)

Part 7 (Putting It Together)

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