IIS Media Services 4.0 Released!

I’m very excited to announce the release of IIS Media Service 4.0!  

Some of the major features  that we are anxious to share this week at the Streaming Media West conference include:

  • Encode once and stream to Silverlight, WP7, iPad, iPhone.
  • Live Smooth Streaming updates:

o Stability: Improved stability and memory usage of Live Smooth Streaming under heavy server loads.

o Low Latency: Deliver near real-time broadcasts to Silverlight desktop clients. This feature is key for financial news customers, surveillance, e-learning, and on-line gaming (gambling) sites. 

o New Publishing Point Details UI:  Real-time publishing point statistics now available in the IIS Manager UI.

o Manifest Compression:  Compress live-streaming manifests down to only a few lines to improve delivery of live 24/7 television for over-the-top services.

o Updated RSCA API:  Real-time statistics available via RSCA API. (Blog post detailing this feature coming soon!)

o Metadata delivery: Deliver RDF metadata from encoder to the client creating unique player experiences.

o Caching and Disk Performance: Improved disk access and fragment caching.

o Customer Focused Engineering:  New design changes reflect direct customer feedback and two years of customer experience with live broadcasting.

  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming: Real-time IIS Server packaging and delivery to iPhone, iPod, and iPad with the same encoded streams you use to reach Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 devices. New advanced capabilities for Apple mobile device deliver including:

o Live DVR: Pause, rewind, and seek.

o Archiving: Saves live content for DVR use or later on-demand playback.

o Archive Segmentation: Breaks a long broadcast up into smaller clips for easier storage and repurposing of on-demand assets.

o AES Encryption: Keeps your content safe while streaming by using a wire-level encryption. Note: This is not PlayReady for iOS, it’s just a wire-line encryption of segments per the Apple Pantos spec.

o B-Frame support: Provides better picture quality when delivering to iPad.

o HE-AAC audio support: Higher quality audio for delivery to iPhone and iPad.

  • Smooth Streaming Client 1.5 – (Coming Soon!)
    • Low Latency client support.
    • Manifest compression client support.

Read our official release announcement here.

Also be sure to check out the new article First Look: Microsoft IIS Media Services 4 on StreamingMedia.com.


John Deutscher
Principal Program Manager
IIS Media Services / Smooth Streaming
Microsoft Corporation

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  • Hi John,
    I need MP4 to Smooth Streaming without using Expression Encoder and it seems it is only available with IIS TM provided through your TAP program. Alpha doesn't have this functionality.
    Can you help me getting the version that supports MP4 to Smooth?
    Thank you

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