New API's in IIS 8


Here is a brief overview of the new API's we added in IIS8

IHttpContext3->EnableFullDuplex() -- This API tells the IIS pipeline to go into full duplex mode. This enables an handler to issue one read and one write operation in parallel.

IHttpContext3->GetNamedContextContainer() -- This API retrieves the named context container for a given request context. Modules can use the named context container to store request specific container indexed by a named string. The API GetModuleContextContainer() returns request specific container stored indexed based on the module ID.

IHttpCompletionInfo2->GetCompletedOperation() This API returns the operation which completed, when IIS indicates a module of any completion. In a full duplex mode, if both reads and writes are pending, this API helps identify which operation completed. The call returns 1 for read completion, and 2 for write completion.

Custom completion routines for read/write API's. We now support specifying custom completion routines for the ReadEntityBody/WriteEntityChunks API's.

IHttpRequest3->ReadEntityBody(), IHttpResponse2->WriteEntityChunks()





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