New API's in IIS 8

Posted: Sep 06, 2012  2 comments  

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Here is a brief overview of the new API's we added in IIS8

IHttpContext3->EnableFullDuplex() -- This API tells the IIS pipeline to go into full duplex mode. This enables an handler to issue one read and one write operation in parallel.

IHttpContext3->GetNamedContextContainer() -- This API retrieves the named context container for a given request context. Modules can use the named context container to store request specific container indexed by a named string. The API GetModuleContextContainer() returns request specific container stored indexed based on the module ID.

IHttpCompletionInfo2->GetCompletedOperation() This API returns the operation which completed, when IIS indicates a module of any completion. In a full duplex mode, if both reads and writes are pending, this API helps identify which operation completed. The call returns 1 for read completion, and 2 for write completion.

Custom completion routines for read/write API's. We now support specifying custom completion routines for the ReadEntityBody/WriteEntityChunks API's.

IHttpRequest3->ReadEntityBody(), IHttpResponse2->WriteEntityChunks()





Cool additions - finally full duplex server, are clients (IE/winhttp) also full duplex now?

Sep 07 2012 by anilr

WinHttp is still half duplex.

However they introduced new API's to support websocket traffic, which in fact are full duplex.

Sep 10 2012 by jennylaw

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