New web deployment tool is available

Hey everyone, long time since the last blog post but we're still here and we have some great news to report. The IIS team just released the Microsoft Web Deployment Tool on It is a command-line tool that provides support for deploying, synchronizing and migrating IIS 6.0 and 7.0. It supports moving configuration, content, SSL certificates and other types of data associated with a web server. You can choose to sync a single site or the entire web server. It's pretty flexible, as you'll discover from the documentation.

However - it is a technical preview, so it shouldn't be used for production servers and it may change quite a bit before it ships as a finished tool. The team is interested in feedback from the hosting community, so give it a try and let them know what you think or if you find any issues.

Check out this post for more details and to learn more from the team that built the tool:

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