Scaling up IIS Server

Posted: Dec 21, 2012  1 comments  

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When it comes to the scalability of web servers, first thing customers think about is scale out. While scale out is great option, there are many scenarios which can benefit from scale up. In Windows Server 2012, IIS team has done a good amount of work to scale up IIS server on latest industry standard hardware.


IIS team, along with HP and Microsoft EEC has recently published a case study on how IIS 8.0 performs on HP Proliant DL980, an 8 socket, 80 core machine. Please check out



Nice post..but one thing I was curious about that IIS does not have logging mechanism ...though it's a huge server being run by various webservers...but only 3rd party tools are there for logging....I mean how come Microsoft can not support it and add such functionality inside it.

Thanking you and browse more at:

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Dec 22 2012 by mcsd_mvp

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