Drew Robbins Breaks Down IIS7 for PHP Developers

Posted: Jun 14, 2007  1 comments  

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In an interesting situation for a Microsoft evangelist,  Drew Robbins found himself in Moscow a few weeks ago, presenting on IIS7 to developers at PHPConf.   Drew doesn't speak Russian but luckily for him, there were translators.   But more importantly, he was presenting on IIS7 which offers a wealth of new capabilities for managing and hosting PHP on a more reliable, scalable platform - something developers can understand in any language.    (Download the latest beta of FastCGI for IIS7 or IIS6)

You can read up on Drew's reasons for a PHP developer to love IIS7 on his blog.  There are also a bunch of cool pictures (like the one below) that Drew took in Moscow.  


Finally, a little blast from the past, if you've been reading the IIS.NET blogs since we started the site, you may remember that this humble blogger also took some photos of Moscow, way back in June 2006.

 - Eric



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