Microsoft PHP driver for SQL Server 2.0 released

The SQL Server team just announced the release of their latest PHP driver for SQL Server. Details about the release can be found at

A major highlight of this release has been the introduction of PDO drivers for SQL Server. This means the PHP application developer now need not care about database but rather focus on the application code. As part of this release I was one of the fortunate ones to give the new driver a shot on the PHP applications supported by WPI. It works pretty well with Gallery2, phpBB and SilverStripe versions supported by Microsoft Web Platform installer.

We also incorporated it in Microsoft Web Platform installer 2.0 as well as the latest Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0 Beta. This should make downloading and configuring of these drivers extremely easy. Please ensure that before downloading/configuring the new driver, you have uninstalled the old driver.

So start downloading and building you application using the new driver.

On a personal note I would also like to notify readers of my blog that I have taken a new assignment within Microsoft in the Office team. So probably this is my last blog. I would like to thank all the readers of my blog. I learnt a lot from all of you and your comments has been very encouraging. I still remember the day when I joined the IIS team and was completely unfamiliar with PHP. But the journey has been exciting. I worked on PHP core bug fixes, PHP MSI changes, building PHP accelerator WINCACHE and providing little support to community in the IIS forums. I am sad leaving this space but excited about my new assignment.

I wish all my readers all the very best. I hope we will cross path again (the world being small). Till then ‘Good Bye’.


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