Using HTTP for Streaming and Downloading from the Same Computer

By default, the HTTP Listener (HTTP.sys) for the default Web site in IIS 7.0 listens to all requests coming in on port 80 for all static IP addresses bound to the network adapter (site binding = http:*:80:). Thus, when you install Windows Media Services on the same computer, you can't stream by using HTTP. If you try to configure HTTP streaming by enabling the WMS HTTP Server Control Protocol plug-in in Windows Media Services, you'll get an error that looks something like this:

Error Code: 0xC00D158B
Error Text: One usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is permitted. Verify that other services (such as IIS) or applications are not attempting to use the same port and then try to enable the plug-in again.

There are two approaches to resolving this issue. One is to change the port that Windows Media Services uses for HTTP streaming. But if you must use port 80 for your Web traffic, another approach is to obtain another static IP address for use with your network adapter, and then configure Windows Media Services to use that IP address with port 80. Earlier versions of Windows Media Services contained the HTTP Sys Configuration tool for assigning additional IP addresses to your services, but in Windows Media Services 2008, that tool is not available and you must configure the HTTP.sys IP inclusion list by using enhanced netsh commands instead. This article describes both of these approaches in detail.

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