Where is Execute Permission in the UI?

A lot has changed in the IIS7 UI from IIS6, sometimes it can be hard to find out where to set certain things such as the execute permission for CGI's and ISAPI's.  Yesterday, I was trying to get a CGI to execute, but couldn't find where to set it. 

In IIS7, you'll need to go to the Handler Mappings UI module, then click on "Edit Feature Permissions..." and then select Execute.

Hope that helps.  :)   



  • How do you get to this through WMI or C#? I am upgrading my scripts from IIS6 and am having problems 'getting' (enumerating) these flag settings.

  • Have you tried using Configuration Editor? It is available here http://www.iis.net/extensions/AdministrationPack for IIS7 ... and it is built into IIS 7.5 (R2)

    It will give you the code to make specific configuration changes via a variety of interfaces. It's very cool.


  • Thank you Dave. I will give it a shot now!

  • Oh boy.. I'd have to learn a whole new set language/tool that my deadline does not allow for. All I want to do is enumerate the properties that were previously accessible through
    string qry = String.Format("SELECT * FROM IIsWebVirtualDirSetting WHERE Name = '{0}/{1}/{2}{3}'", "W3SVC", WID, "ROOT", VDir);
    ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher("root\\MicrosoftIISv2", qry);

    Do you know of any other resources? (I also use the WMI code creator. 1.0 - it does not expose the methods to garner this information either.)

    Thanks - Carla

  • How are you trying to upgrade your scripts? Are you trying to use the new WMI provider?
    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa347565.aspx (for general mapping information)

    Are you just trying to make the same script work on IIS7? If so, you'd need to install the IIS6 Compatibility components (in your OS setup).


  • Hi Dave,

    My scripts are configuration checkers specific to a particular product install that come back in a GUI format. I am trying to make to upgrade my scripts to be compatible with 2003/2008, 32/64 & IIS 6/7.

    While the site must be set to backwards IIS compatability, the IIS 6 WMI backwards compatability is not required nor is it requested. Thus my preference it to upgrade my script to use the new WMI provider for IIS 7. I have manged to upgrade everything else, but this one section and the information on how to aplly a "get" statement as opposed to addElement is scarce to non-existent. I may simply be walking over it in my ignorance. But

  • Part II

    Sorry about that - I hit Enter!

    The new way to 'find' what I need is ConfigurationSection.ConfigurationSectionWithCollection.HandlersSection.AccessPolicy

    I don't understand how to apply this information to a piece of code that will enumerate each setting.

  • For various reasons, the AccessFlags property (and perhaps others) were moved around a bit in IIS7 configuration system.
    Did you see the examples that are here: http://www.iis.net/ConfigReference/system.webServer/handlers


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