Silverlight and Premium Media Experiences

Given the speed at which web technologies seem to be evolving, partners and customers often ask about the roadmap for Silverlight, with many of those conversations centered around premium media experiences.  Brad Becker, Director of Product Management, Developer Platforms, has written a blog post on The Future of Silverlight which addresses this and many other questions about Silverlight.

In short, there are many reasons why Silverlight will continue to extend the web by enabling rich experience scenarios in unique and high-value ways.  These scenarios include premium media experiences with features such as:

For more on Silverlight, read Brad's blog post.  He talks about standards and innovation, "rich experience" categories, other considerations (performance, consistency, timing), and going beyond the browser. 

To learn more about IIS Media Services, which will support premium media experiences on Silverlight as well as media experiences built using other technologies, see the Integrated Media Platform page.

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