Encoding Workshop: Best Practices and Strategies

On Thursday, September 16, StreamingMedia.com is sponsoring an online workshop on Encoding Best Practices and Strategies that will include Allan Poore from the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro team. Delivery technologies such as IIS Smooth Streaming really improve the playback experience, but they assume that you start with high-quality video. The focus of the workshop will be a discussion on the latest tips, tricks, and technologies for making your video look the best it can.

In this workshop, you will learn more about how to effectively balance issues such as format, codec, bit rate, and aspect ratio to get the best solution. You also need your encoding and transcoding processes to be efficient and cost-effective, and you will learn more about new technology options that can help.

Planned topics include:

  • Choosing video and audio formats
  • Optimizing bitrate for bandwidth
  • Transcoding content for multiple device delivery: PC, mobile, and TV
  • Encoding and transcoding best practices
  • Industry-leading transcoding technologies

Allan and other industry experts, including Dan Rayburn from Streaming Media.com, Rich Mavrogeanes from Discover Video, Coby Rich from Sorenson Media, and Andrew Karlin from Internap, will be on the workshop panel. The live event will have an interactive roundtable format, including direct answers to your questions. The workshop will also be available afterwards for on-demand viewing. To learn more or register, click here.


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