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  • Leaving Microsoft: Saying Goodbye...

    A term often expressed at the end of a journey is "its been a great ride."  I can't argue or complain with that expression as it is exactly how I feel after 7 years of fun at Microsoft.  The loose ends to tie up after this amount of time is vast so please do accept my apology for making a blog post one of the last things I did.

  • First IT Pro Focused IIS7 Book Hits Market: How to Cheat at IIS7

    One of the moonlighting activities I have been doing is driving the release of the first IT Pro (sysadmin, etc.) IIS7 book on the market.  This book started way back when we released Windows Vista & IIS7 and focuses heavily on giving many of you a head start on understanding the huge changes in IIS7.  I was the technical editor for this book and I did everything I possibly could to ensure that the book was 100% technically accurate though as is expected some things might just fall through the cracks.  In either event, you should certainly pick up a copy if you would like to learn about the IIS7 setup, brand new configuration core server, new administration tools, as well as diagnostics.