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  • IIS7: Gettin' Ready...Are you Ready?

    For months, in fact years, the IIS team has found itself fighting an uphill battle with IIS7 and customers.  It is a proven fact that you can build amazing technology with a bucket-full of wanted features but until it is "real" - it is mostly hot air.  For quite some time, IIS7 hasn't been a real thing - the thing that you can get your hands on and deploy.  It is the moving target of "buzz words" and flashy demos to pull out the oohhs and ahhhs.  Buckle up podro - only the strong survive.

  • Getting Virtual Server '05 R2 Working on IIS7 in Longhorn Server

    With some nifty work and helpful insight, you can get Virtual Server 2005 working on Windows Server Code-named "Longhorn" just as I did this past weekend.  I took some time to also validate (i.e doc) what I was doing as to maybe help someone else out there who is trying the same darn thing.  The nice thing - I know a lot about IIS7 making it much, much easier than if someone doesn't.