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  • IIS7 Deployments calls for ETag Usage Review if using

    Entity Tags (ETags) are commonly used in Web applications to effectively leverage the power of using web farms, which is a non-fancy term for HTTP/S load balancing.  In web farms, a common practice is to set what is called ETags as it helps enhance performance in web farm scenarios.  ETags is controlled in IIS by a metabase property (ETAG_CHANGENUMBER) and this value is sent back to clients via response headers as instructed by the HTTP RFC 2616

  • Ever get too Busy? Take the time...Learn

    I thought I would take a moment today and re-invigorate a passion I have had for quite some time and that is blogging.  I apologize in advance for the incredible gap between this post and my last and certainly want to ensure you that I will try and avoid this type of gap in the future.  This post, though, is dedicated to my father who I lost on October 29th, 2006.  My hero would have wanted me to move forward and continue to seek the passion that is my life.  I miss you dad..