Very funny blog to read, Linux Hater's blog

One of the things I try to regularly do is to read blogs that are not necessarily pro-Microsoft and one of my favorite ones is Miguel de Icaza's blog. The other day I was reading one blog post that caught my attention about a blog he says he is a "fan of" named "Linux Hater's blog". So of course I decided to give that a read and went and started reading the entries in there, and I just could not stop laughing and laughing, and before I noticed I had been reading for almost an hour. I do have to warn though, the vocabulary used is their entries is lets say fluid?.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that their entries are right or wrong, I just literally couldn't stop laughing about some of the comments and their replies, and in some cases I do think they are a bit biased and in some cases they do have a good message that could help advance the software industry in general.

Anyway, if you want to read a very "funny-colorful-passionate" blog I think its worth a read:

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