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Posted: Aug 31, 2006  1 comments  

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Its been rumored that IIS7 has been touring around the world.  Most wouldn't recognize IIS7 if they saw it, but for the people who are aware of what IIS7 is capable of, an IIS7 sighting is an exciting event.  It's similar to the time my buddies and I saw Natrone Means and some other Charger's players at Applebee's a couple of weeks before they played in the SuperBowl.  Many people wouldn't have known who they were or even noticed them in the restaurant, but for die-hard Charger's fans who've been waiting to go to the SuperBowl since the days of Air Coryell, you could just walk in the room and feel their presence.  But I digress...

Many pictures are floating around on the Internet of IIS7 in different locations and activities.  The first one I ever saw was of IIS7 rappeling down a steep, snow-covered mountain peak.  The rest were mostly in cities across Europe.  My sighting happened in February 2006.  I was in San Diego visiting friends-n-family and taking a break from the Seattle rain.  It all happened so quickly that I don't remember much of the details anymore.  If it weren't for the pictures, I may wonder if it actually really happened...

IIS7 at the Hotel del Coronado


IIS7 enjoying the San Diego Skyline



I heard IIS7 really liked San Diego ;)

Sep 03 2006 by bills

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