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Oct 16, 2009

We just shipped the RTW version of Advanced Logging which is the product I've been testing for roughly the past year. We shipped the Beta in March and the main feature added since that release was Log Filtering. Log Filtering...


Jun 06, 2008 Attachment:

** UPDATED on 7/24/2008 for use against Web Playlists Go-Live... ** By default, playlists for our Web Playlists feature are defined in an xml-based file with an .isx extension. Though this is really useful and allows dynamic manipulation...


Apr 20, 2007

In WMI, there's really not a concept of an Enum datatype. Instead, the datatype is still defined as an int but they allow you to attach metadata to the property to specify the allowable values and its respective Enum name. For...


Jan 30, 2007

The information provided below was obtained from the following link: However, I had difficulty finding this link when I needed it, so I'm re-posting...


Sep 09, 2006

WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. I'm going to skip the whole introduction of what WMI is as there are numerous articles available online that will do a much better job at explaining it. These articles are easily...


Aug 31, 2006

Its been rumored that IIS7 has been touring around the world. Most wouldn't recognize IIS7 if they saw it, but for the people who are aware of what IIS7 is capable of, an IIS7 sighting is an exciting event. It's similar...


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Bobby is an SDET on the IIS Media Services team. He has tested the Web Playlists and Advanced Logging modules and is currently testing the Smooth Streaming Format SDK. He has been with Microsoft since January 2001 and has previously worked on various features of the Mobile Internet Toolkit, ASP.Net 2.0 and IIS 7.