ColdFusion on IIS7

Back in the early nineties, one of the first scripting languages I learned to build web applications with was ColdFusion. It was a lot of fun! In some ways it is a great way to build your first web site since it is so simple, so much like HTML, yet very powerful. I'm sure ColdFusion has come a long way since I first used it.

In June of 2005 I was invited to give a keynote at CFUnited, one of the premier ColdFusion conferences around. It was a fun, and early preview of ColdFusion running on early alpha builds of IIS7. I remember hacking the frankenstein build together with a few private fixes from the dev team, and some custom tweaks to the configuration system, and then holding my breath as I went on stage to show off how some of the new, cool capabilities of IIS7 we were dreaming could help ColdFusion developers. Luckily, all the demos worked and the talk went off without a hitch.

Fast forward almost two years, and it is fun to see ColdFusion developers getting the product in Vista and writing about it. If you are looking for more information on how to get ColdFusion running on Vista and IIS7, check out this article: by Heidi Bautista. It provides a great step-by-step overview of how to get rocking on IIS7.

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