Microsoft Web Platform Installer v1.0 Released!

Posted: Jan 21, 2009  34 comments  

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I’m excited to announce the immediate availability of the Microsoft Web Platform Installer v 1.0.  The Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a simple tool that makes it very easy to download and install Microsoft's entire Web Platform in one step, including IIS, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework. Using the Web Platform Installer’s user interface, you can choose to install either specific products or the entire Microsoft Web Platform onto your computer. The Web PI also helps keep your products up to date by always offering the latest additions to the Web Platform. Web PI 1.0 supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and of course Windows 2008. 


Auto-update your Release Candidate build!

One of the cool new features we put into the Release Candidate is the ability of Web PI to upgrade itself.  Try it today – if you installed the Web PI RC release in November or December, simply launch the tool again and you will see a prompt indicating that a new release is available.  Say “yes” and Web PI will automatically download and install the final release version, and launch it for you!

Install clean

Been waiting for the final product?  Wait no longer… if you haven’t tried Web PI yet, today is your lucky day…simply visit and click the “Install Now” button.  It will download and install Web PI in one click and away you go.  Even if you think you already have IIS and ASP.NET installed, **get this tool** I can almost guarantee you there will be new features available for IIS or ASP.NET that you haven’t seen before..and if there aren’t today, there will be soon. 

Get Ready for MIX…

If you think Web PI v1.0 is cool….just wait for MIX. ;)




I've installed the tool and it works great. I have one suggestion for the UI though. Its difficult to browse the products because you have to click on the item to see it description. But this also toggles the selection. I would rather make it show description on mosue over. Other than that great job guys!

Jan 22 2009 by Anonymous

Thanx God

Jan 22 2009 by Anonymous

Hmm great.. very simple to use.. specially for beginners :) yet another good tool from microsoft

Jan 22 2009 by umerrasheed

It worked very well on Vista, on Windows 7 however I could not get it to installed successfully yet.

Jan 23 2009 by Anonymous

Regarding Win7:  While Web PI isn't officially supported on Win7, the 1.0 RTW version of Web PI should install on Win7.  Our Beta and RC versions blocked install on Win7.  If you have the 1.0 release of the product, could you please log this issue on the forums here: and we can help track it down.  Thanks for the feedback!

Jan 23 2009 by choyer

Why does the wording of this make it sound like it installs IIS7 on WinXP?

Jan 23 2009 by enki42

hmm...sorry for the confusion Enki42.  I don't have IIS7 listed anywhere in the post.  Web PI installs the version of IIS native to the OS you use it on, so:

XP: IIS 5.1

XP 64-bit: IIS 6.0

Windows 2003: IIS 6.0

Windows Vista: IIS 7

Windows 2008: IIS 7

Jan 23 2009 by bills

I mean since it says it downloads the latest updates to the web platform and IIS7 is newer then IIS5.1 and you wouldn't need to download 5.1 to install it.

Jan 23 2009 by enki42

I see, now I understand where the confusion comes in.  Unfortunately IIS ships as part of the operating system and isn't available for download.  So you're stuck with the version of IIS that came with the OS.  However, there are extensions to every version of IIS that are available in the tool.  For example, FastCGI is available for every platform.  Hope this helps -

Jan 23 2009 by bills

I am getting an error when installing, "Web Platform Installer has stopped working" It gives me the option to either Debug or Close Program. What could cause it to fail? Thanks!

Jan 23 2009 by nsimpson7

hi nsimpson7;  Thanks for reporting this issue.  Can you post this on our forums here: and we can investigate this issue with you?  We haven't seen this issue before and would like to get some further information to see if we can track it down.  Thanks!

Jan 26 2009 by choyer

i have

- windows xp pro

- IIS 5.5

i install this version of web deployment platform and guess what nothing work after that.

all my old virtual directories stop working , i got 404 error with all my VDs ..

Jan 27 2009 by Anonymous

If you are having issues with Web PI, please report them to this forum:  If you can't find answers there, you may want to call IIS support:  You can always leave me a message as well, and I'll try to help!  thanks!

Jan 27 2009 by bills

What is the relationship to this

Jan 29 2009 by Anonymous

That project was one of the inspirations for Web PI!  It is a great open source project!

Jan 29 2009 by bills

I have read all the comments above! and everybody is happy .. But I did not realize what the Web PI does ?

I mean I have my IIS, VWD along with ASP framework .. and am so happy with them, What is this tool for ?

Jan 30 2009 by Anonymous


It helps you stay up to date with all the new features.  Try it out and see what is available, it may surprise you!

Jan 30 2009 by bills

Installer hung during the download process of Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio. A quick look at your log gives me the following information,

[02/04/09,15:26:04] BITS_Bitrate: 0x2

[02/04/09,15:26:04] vs70uimgr: Failed to find ISmallProgress interface on page. Not treating as error.

[02/04/09,15:26:05] vs70uimgr: Failed to find ISmallProgress interface on page. Not treating as error.

it goes on and on like an infinite loop.

When I choose Cancel installation, it shows me the following message box,




The current installation must be completed before exiting. Would you like to exit after the installation is complete?


Yes   No  


Both 'Yes' and 'No' did not worked for me.

Any idea?

Feb 04 2009 by Anonymous

I get the following error as I start the installation of WebPI. Any thoughts on how to get around it?

[Window Title]

Microsoft Windows

[Main Instruction]

Web Platform Installer has stopped working


A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

[Close program]

Feb 08 2009 by Anonymous

hi- for the person who reported web pi crash, or stop working after launch. We are investigating reports of this now but it has proven elusive as it appears sporadically on win7 and vista machines and seems to be linked to UAC. To work around the bug, launch Web PI as an elevated user. Once you have successfully launched it as elevated user, it should go away and launch normally (prompting you as usual to elevated).

Feb 08 2009 by bills