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Posted: Feb 04, 2008  31 comments  

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After 4+ years of development, the IIS7 project is now complete.  Today we signed off on the final build of Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1, both of which include our final build of IIS7.   

IIS7 is the biggest and best release of IIS ever, and it would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of this team.  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to it over the years.  This was truly more than just another job, it was a labor of love for many of us.  After having crossed so many hard engineering and political battlefields, it feels great to deliver a product that will fundamentally enhance and improve the way our customers build, deploy, manage and operate the Web around the world. 

Thanks again for your patience over the years while we worked to make IIS7 rock solid reliable, secure, feature-rich and fast.  Many thanks to the numerous IIS7 champions out there who have helped shape the product and been fans of our work going back all the way to 2004 when we first started previewing our designs. 

In the coming weeks leading up to the official launch, you can look forward to a huge site refresh with tons of new content, lots of great stories from customers like you who have tried IIS7, and the release of several new features available for download on top of IIS7.  Stay tuned on http://iis.net/

IIS7 is finished.  Enjoy.



Bill - congratulations, IIS7 is a monumental achievement in anyone's book. I'm looking forward to being able to transition all my development to 2k8 and IIS7 as soon as possible!

Yes - even those crusty old Classic ASP applications too ;)

Feb 04 2008 by Rob

Congratulations, I think that IIS7 will be a good tool to help us overcome our customers' expectations

Feb 04 2008 by Luciano.cl

Thank you Bill and the IIS team for delivering an awesome web server!  

Feb 04 2008 by steve schofield

Congratulations to you and the team. I love your work. You really made a great release with IIS7.

Feb 05 2008 by Hagen


Feb 05 2008 by Dan

I've been waiting to try this product, i think now is the time :)

Feb 05 2008 by gices

>IIS7 is finished

I would use the word complete. "finished" makes it sound like IIS7 is dead!

Feb 05 2008 by Ron

Congrats on the hard work, shipping IIS must be one heck of a project considering the scope of its usage!

Feb 05 2008 by Salman


Feb 05 2008 by Mark Farina, Jr.

Thanks Bill - to you and the team for delivering a great product!

Feb 05 2008 by Peter Schmidt


Feb 06 2008 by Jeonho Yang

축하합니다. 드디어 완성이군요.

Feb 06 2008 by Jeonho Yang

Congratulations,축하합니다. 한국에서.....

Feb 06 2008 by Jeonho Yang

Congrats guys and thank you so much for your hard work.

At last extension-less URL rewriting has become easy in ASP.NET!!!

Feb 06 2008 by George S.

Thanks! I've been waiting for this for a long time! :)

Feb 07 2008 by Jemm

I am looking forward to using it!

Feb 08 2008 by Josh Stodola

So this mean that my spaceship can now leave the the bayarea for our long ride to anywhere?

Feb 08 2008 by jesse285

I thing it Good!!!!!

Feb 08 2008 by Tao

This is certainly cool news for customers.  It was fun being a part of your team Bill.  Congrats...


Feb 09 2008 by Chris Adams


Will Windows Vista Business be able to update to the released version of IIS 7.0?


CHONG Ting Fong

Feb 10 2008 by chongtingfong@gmail.com

Chong - yes, All versions of Vista that include IIS7 will automatically upgrade to be in sync with the server codebase when SP1 is installed.  

Feb 11 2008 by bills

Ron: but if I said "complete" that would imply we are done with the product, there is nothing left to do, and it is time to move on... that simply isn't true.   :)

Feb 11 2008 by bills


I'd like to ask of the team can possibly direct me to any documentattion about EXACTLY what is needed in order to use VS 2008 to publish a website to a Server 2008 machine running IIS7.

Sadly we hit a brick wall, and this simple basic operation just will not work, I am told that we need FrontPage Extensions, but do we? If so WHY can I use Publish to publish to localhots and that works fine?

Given all the hype about IIS7, Vista, Server 2008 and VS 2008 it is incredibly frustrating too find that publish isnt working and that we may need FrontPage extensions from some 3rd paty.

Can someone explain WHY anyone would need FrontPage extensions? what are these for in IIS7 and VS 2008?

Sorry to post this here, but I can find nothing to help shed light on this.

Feb 12 2008 by Hugh

Hugh, yes we are working on an article that will provide a complete story for how to setup WS08 to work smoothly with Visual Studio.  Look for it on IIS.net around launch later this month.  Thanks!

Feb 12 2008 by bills

Can you tell me whether the final FTP 7 version made it into the RTM build or is it only to be provided as a separate downloadable .msi?

Feb 18 2008 by Steve Ryan

Did you sign it off with or without the new FTP service? I mean, is it still necessary to uninstall FTP from Windows Server 2008, download the "RC" from this site, and install this one, or is the new FTP part of Windows Server 2008?

Feb 20 2008 by Mike

Mike / Steve:  The new FTP server will be available for download on IIS.net soon.  It didn't make the cut-off for Windows 2008 (which was about a year ago) but will be freely available for download this coming week.

Feb 22 2008 by bills