IIS7 in the Community...11/7/2007

Posted: Nov 07, 2007  16 comments  

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The IIS7 community is growing!  There have been a number of really cool things going on in the community around IIS7.  Here are some of my favorites: 


New Web Control Panels for IIS7!

I was very excited to see two new control panels for IIS7 hit the market this past month.  I was excited to see the DotNetPanel guys be one of the first to market with an update of their DotNetPanel product for IIS7.  They have a demo on their site you can try out now, or go download a copy for free (up to 10 sites!)  The reviews on the download page look good.  I was also excited when big-name vendor SWSoft released an update to their Plesk product for Windows v 8.3 beta which also supports IIS7.  These guys are used all over the place in giant Web hosters, and having IIS7 support pre-launch is a really great sign.  You can download their latest beta here


New IIS7 Administration Tool Add-ons!

Rakki of the IIS/ASP.NET support team has published some really great IIS7 Admin Tool extensions that you may want to check out, including a new backup/restore UI extension, an IISRESET UI feature, and a diagnostics UI Module (called FREBUIModule). 


How to install MySQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin on IIS

With the introduction of FastCGI on IIS, running PHP on Windows is now a great experience.  I ran across this great blog post by Shabbir which provides step-by-step instructions for how to get IIS, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin up and running. 


Running 32bit and 64bit Side-by-Side in IIS7

For some odd reason I thought everyone already knew this, but I saw it pop up on blogosphere and quite a few people have cross-posted so I thought I better as well.  Yes, it is now possible with IIS7 to run 32bit and 64bit AppPools side-by-side.  Check out Rakki's blog for the scoop:  http://blogs.msdn.com/rakkimk/archive/2007/11/03/iis7-running-32-bit-and-64-bit-asp-net-versions-at-the-same-time-on-different-worker-processes.aspx


Making PHP Applications Great on IIS7

Wow, this is a killer post by Drew Robbins on IIS7 extensibility in action for a PHP application.  He shows off running Qdig, a popular PHP photo applications, using built-in forms authentication and the integrated pipeline, extensible configuration support, and a UI extension.  It rocks!


Fun with http.sys caching

This is a great blog post by Rick James, IIS developer, on how the http.sys cache works and the kinds of performance benefits it provides. 


Book Review: IIS7 Implementation and Administration

Andrew Westgarth provides a nice write-up of this new book by John Paul Mueller.  If you're interested in purchasing a book on IIS7, check out this write-up and the growing list of IIS7 books on Amazon.com.  I'm anxiously waiting for my copy of this 700 page monster


Finding your way around IIS7 configuration sections with AppCmd

Mike Volodarsky writes up a great post on how to figure out the dozens of IIS (hundreds if you count ASP.NET) configuration sections and how to use them. 


How to install VMWare Web Management on IIS7

This great post on AngryPets shows how to setup VMWare's Web Management Application for IIS7 and Windows Server 2008.


How to install IIS7 and PHP with FastCGI - ScreenCast

And last, but not least, Scott Hanselman published this great screencast of how to get PHP working on IIS7. 


Happy Reading!


Hi Bill,

       I am currently reading Shahrams book and will be writing a review as soon as I finish this one too, so far I`m impressed with the content and the depth.  I´m also speaking in the UK on IIS7 for developers.

Really loving IIS7 and looking forward to covering more topics in detail.



Nov 07 2007 by hawaythelads

I have to read this book :) Thx for information.

Nov 22 2007 by sf devblog