More free IIS7 Web hosting offers hit the Web

Posted: Jun 15, 2007  5 comments  

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Since my last post introducing the bleeding edge IIS7 hosters who started offering free hosting on Beta 3, several new Web hosters joined the mix, including, and who went live today!  If you're looking for a free Web site and want to check out the new features of IIS7, sign up with one of these hosters now!  The complete list of hosters can be found on the goLive page. 




I tried to sign up at But it was not possible.

Jun 16 2007 by J_

Seems to be working for me, did you try one of the other providers?

Jun 20 2007 by EWoersch

Maximum ASP works well. I don't know how you have made it to create an account on

Jun 21 2007 by J_