Announcing Go Live Beta of FastCGI Extension for PHP hosting on IIS5.1/IIS6.0

Just over ten months ago I announced a technical collaboration agreement between Microsoft, Zend and the PHP community to enable fast and reliable hosting of PHP on Windows and IIS.A0 Since then, more than 14,000 people have downloaded the Technical Preview release!A0 I'm pleased to say that today we make another step forward with that work by announcing the availability of the FastCGI Extension for IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0 with a free GoLive Beta release.A0


What does "Go Live" mean, is this ready for production use?

This "Go Live" release is Microsoft lingo for 201Cwe think this is ready for production deployment201D.A0 Now is your chance to tell us if you think it is ready for the final release.A0 I want to thank all of you who posted your feedback encourage everyone to try out this latest release and post your feedback in the FastCGI forums.A0A0


Which PHP applications will work with FastCGI?

All PHP applications that work on Windows today with either the ISAPI or traditional CGI-based PHP hosting should work flawlessly with the new FastCGI Extension.A0 As part of the FastCGI Extension RC0 release, our team has also been doing some basic compatibility testing of some of the most popular PHP applications. To help you get started with PHP and the FastCGI Extension, we've documented the steps needed to get these working with IIS.A0 You can check out this documentation as well as updated information about using PHP on IIS at .A0 If you have an application you'd like us publish instructions for, send me a message!


Where do I get it?

Go ahead and download the FastCGI Extension Go Live and keep us posted on your experiences. See this article for how to get started with the FastCGI Extension on IIS5.1/6.0.A0


FastCGI for IIS7?

I should also mention that if you are trying out Windows Server 2008 / IIS7, especially the RC0 release that was also launched today, you do not need to download this FastCGI extension.A0 IIS7 has the FastCGI module built-in.A0A0 Just install the "CGI" component and you are ready to use IIS with both traditional CGI as well as FastCGI applications.A0 See this article for step-by-step info on how to use FastCGI with IIS7.A0

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