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Nov 12, 2012

Summary: This document explains how to specify the values of parameter values and how the configuration file is updated by IIS Powershell generic cmdlets such as Get-WebConfiguration and Get-WebConfigurationProperty so that users...


Oct 13, 2012

Summary: In the last blog , I tried to explain the big picture for IIS native API. So, next thing is to make a real native module. Because IIS native api is huge, I will introduce one by one with some interesting topics and explain...


Sep 24, 2012

IIS Powershell provider cmdlets require the config section path for the -filter parameter and the attribute names while getting/setting attribute value. But it is not easy to memorize the full configuration path or attribute names...


Sep 22, 2012

I have started to learn IIS Native API (C++) and hope to share what I have learned. This blog is targeting for beginner programmers who want to develope IIS native module in C++ for the first time. What I will cover here Understanding...


Jul 30, 2008

1. [File System] Open Explorer window for Default Web Site's home directory $path = $(get-item 'iis:\sites\default web site').physicalPath $path = [system.environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables($path) explorer $path Related...


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